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Gaggenau Coffee Machines

Designed to match either the striking presence of the 400 series ovens or the uncompromising 200 series these coffee machines can make everything from the perfect espresso to a simple glass of warm milk or even just hot water for a refreshing cup of tea. A continuous flow heater will ensure there is no delay in your desire for a coffee and the ability of this fully automatic coffee machine to supply it, Gaggenau have also taken care to ensure the the brewing temperature remains constant so every cup of delicious coffee is as good as the previous

These machines incorporate Aroma brewing technology to achieve a full aroma from your cup of coffee, a clear TFT touch display with one touch operation and the ability to remember personalised setting aids for easy operation on those days that the morning coffee is needed before the brain wants to kick start into action. Double grinding speeds up time when you need to make a cup for your partner or guest at the same time or for those times when an extra strong coffee is required. The automatic cleaning system means your coffee machine will be preparing itself for your next cup of coffee while you drink the current one