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Gaggenau Fridges

Gaggenau have tirelessly developed their fridges to satisfy the highest standards demanded from a modern kitchen appliance. Revolutionary technology encapsulated within an uncompromising design, unique in size and diversity meaning there is a refrigerator to suit whatever situation your kitchen design requires.

Built in Fridges

The 400 series fridges are feature full to impress and they form an integral part of Gaggenau's Vario modular cooling system. Two models boasting a 479 or 369 litre net volume giving you the capacity to cool all the spoils from the latest raid on the supermarket. It is not just the unique volume capacity which make these fridges a must have appliance but also the inclusion of many technical innovations such as an independently controlled refrigerated drawer for foods that require individual attention and effortlessly ensuring optimum use of space with motorised shelves

Even though the outer dimensions of Gaggenau's Vario cooling 200 series compare to other fridges the interior of these appliances offer you significantly more space than you would normally expect to see in a fridge with such impressive energy efficiency. They achieve a substantial amount of this space saving by lowering the technology responsible for the impressive features these fridges boast partly into the plinth .

Professional chefs are aware that there is a great difference in how each foodstuff needs to be stored. Some require that little bit longer to mature while some need to be stored a few degrees cooler than others. In The Cooling 200 series Gaggenau have a large range of refrigerators in various sizes to meet your individual needs.