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Ceramic Domino Gas Induction

Gaggenau Hobs

Gaggenau have a hob for each aspiring chef and every available space within your kitchen. If you are after a flush or surface mounted then either the expansive, professional Vario 400 series hobs or the compact understated Vario 200 series hobs will definitely transform your cooking space

Ceramic Hobs

Glass ceramic cooktops in widths ranging from 28 cm to 90 cm wide. Most models feature Super quick cooking zones to enable rapid searing responsive controls allow the heat to be reduced just as quickly as it has heated up. Zones that can be adapted to create roasting zones for a larger cooking area. Heat residue indicators alert you to the danger of a hot surface and a clean uncluttered control panel ensure convenient and safe handling

Domino Hobs

The highly versatile gas, induction or glass ceramic cooktops can be combined with more specialised items such as an electric grill, a steamer, Teppanyaki or deep fryer to create your own cohesive work surface. Add table and downdraft ventilation from the selection of Gaggenau Cooker Hoods and you open yourself up to a vast array of different configurations

Roasting and cooking in the traditional Japanese manner, directly on a smooth metal, plate provides greater accuracy than with a pan or grill. The two cooking zones of the Teppan Yaki are each powered by 1,500 watts, allowing food to be prepared or kept warm on all or half of the surface. Temperatures up to 240°C can be precisely controlled and optimal heat distribution ensures gentle and low-fat cooking of vegetables, meat and fish.

The electric grill enables excellent grilling in the kitchen on a large, open cast pan support. Lava stones guarantee consistently intense heat for perfectly cooked grilled food, while two independently adjustable grilling zones allow simultaneous grilling, frying and warming. The two-piece cast pan support and cast roaster can be used for roasting on a smooth surface, and are the ideal complement to the grill.

The steamer allows healthy steaming, warming, thawing, heating and simmering without loss of vitamins. No need to confine yourself to using water as stock or white wine can also be used. The water temperature can be regulated precisely from 45°C to 95°C and the electronic steam control saves energy as it only generates steam that is required. Two cooking inserts allow for separate yet simultaneous steaming, without any transference of tastes. The glass cover ensures good visibility.

The extendable table ventilation disappears completely into the worktop when not in use. Vapours and odours are quietly and effectively extracted directly from where they arise this is an ideal solution for kitchen islands and open spaces and although part of the Cooker Hood range it should definitely be something you think about when choosing these modular hobs to create your cooking area.

Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are again available in a range of sizes and materials whether it is a sleek stainless steel cooktop you are after or a glass ceramic surface with heavy duty pan stands that link together to make a flat continuous cooking surface. With high output burners and the availability of specialist wok burners you can access the full range of "cookability", which is, as we who grew up in the 80's know, the beauty of gas. Automatic fast ignition and electronic flame monitoring ensure maximum convenience when cooking.

Take note of the stunning Gaggenau CG492 gas Hob which combines elegance and pragmatism with high performance. The cast pan supports on this state-of-the art gas-powered cooktop are on the same level as the worktop And if you have stainless steel worktops, the hob can be welded in directly. Hidden within this beautiful exterior is up to 18 kW of power.

Induction Hobs

Accurate, fast cooking with low energy consumption Induction cooktops are by far the most flexible solution. New functionality in certain models allows for the free positioning of cookware within the zone. With the CX480 the entire surface of the induction cooktop can be used as one large cooking zone. The cookware is automatically identified and heated exactly where it stands. The cooktop itself is operated intuitively using an extra large TFT touch display which shows the positions, sizes and shapes of the cookware.