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Single Steam Twin

Gaggenau Ovens

These ovens are available in two ranges. If you want your oven to be a striking presence in the kitchen you should opt for the 400 series, a characterful oven which uses materials such as solid stainless steel for emphasis. The 200 series oven will transform your kitchen into a into a hi tech professional cooking environment as these Gaggenau ovens allow you to control your cooking via standard menus viewable on a compact LCD menu. Features included on some models include automatic oven door opening at the touch of a button, a core temperature probe that switches off the oven automatically so your joint of meat is roasted to perfection or a heated baking stone to bake the crispest bread, pizza and pastries

Single Ovens

The simple oven ? Not with Gaggenau, whether it is 60cm wide or 76cm wide these versatile ovens will be the hub of your cooking creativity with 17 different functions and an oven capacity up to 110 litres(I know, it looks like over description but in reality it says very little and sounds ok)

Steam Ovens

Combi steam ovens give you access to a whole new realm of cooking as well as retaining the ability of a standard oven as well as steaming you can bake, simmer, braise, regenerate, extract juice as well as grill and brown,Accurate temperature regulation in this type of Gaggenau oven will even allow you to try your hand at sous-vide cooking. Once you are done cooking, some models even allow you to clean the oven at the push of a button

Twin Ovens

Two 76cm wide ovens arranged vertically, giving enough room to cater for those large family gatherings. As you would expect from Gaggenau each oven has a wealth of functionality offering 17 different methods of heating allowing you to simultaneously cook a variety of dishes