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Whether it‘s laundry, dishwashing or cooling, kitchen appliances or floorcare, you‘ll get outstanding quality with Miele. Innovative technology, clean lines and timeless designs are some of the many reasons for choosing Miele.

Miele was founded in Herzebrock, Germany in 1899. Businessman Reinhard Zinkann and engineer Carl Miele originally launched their business creating cream separators. Over time they developed into washing machines, vacuum cleaners, ovens and much more. Their core principle ‘Immer Besser‘ translates as ‘Forever Better‘ and is still at the heart of the company almost 120 years on.

miele oven

Miele Ovens

Miele‘s built-in kitchen appliances set new standards with innovative features essential for modern kitchens. The Dialog oven, equipped with M Chef technology, introduces a revolutionary way of cooking. Unlike traditional methods, M Chef cooks the entire volume of food simultaneously, allowing for unique dishes like fish in a block of ice without melting. Additional features, such as TasteControl, prevent overcooking, and FoodView enables remote monitoring via a built-in camera.

Miele offers various intuitive operating systems, including M Touch, M Touch S, DirectSensor, DirectSensor S, and EasyControl, providing flexibility and clarity in appliance control. The groundbreaking M Chef technology communicates with food every ten seconds, enabling simultaneous perfection of diverse dishes. The oven‘s intuitive operation responds to users‘ presence, enhancing convenience.

Miele‘s Dialog oven, with M Chef technology, ensures even cooking from the outset, creating succulent meat, refined fish, and impressive baked goods. MobileControl allows smartphone-based control and monitoring, facilitating elaborate menus and ensuring all food items are perfectly cooked simultaneously. The Dialog oven achieves exceptional results in less time, making it a unique and indispensable addition to any kitchen.

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Miele Steam Combis

Miele steam ovens seamlessly integrate into kitchen designs, offering versatile placement options, including built-in and countertop configurations. The countertop steam oven ensures user convenience and diverse applications.

Miele steam-only ovens operate within the 40–100 °C temperature range, ideal for gentle steaming of vegetables, fish, desserts, and more. DualSteam technology with a powerful external steam generator enhances steam quantity, temperature accuracy, and rapid heating. The stainless steel oven compartment, characterized by a linen structure, ensures high quality and easy cleaning.

Combination steam ovens, available in DGC and DGC Pro models, provide a comprehensive solution. The DGC combines oven and steam cooking functions for diverse culinary preparations. The DGC Pro, suitable for professional settings, features a durable stainless steel oven compartment, HydroClean function for easy cleaning, and innovative sous-vide capabilities.

MonoSteam steam generation (2.2 kW) ensures even steam distribution, contributing to a gentle cooking process. Additional features include Moisture Plus for enhanced roasting and baking, automatic programs for effortless cooking, TasteControl to prevent overcooking, and connectivity options through Miele@home. The Miele steam oven with microwave combines fast heat-up times, cooking durations, and even steam distribution for efficient food preparation. PerfectClean equipment facilitates easy cleaning, and the rapid steam cooking option saves time without compromising quality.

miele steam combis
miele microwaves ovens

Miele Microwaves Ovens

Miele built-in microwave ovens offer versatile integration options, ensuring optimal use of available space. Whether designed with TopControl or SideControl, these appliances seamlessly blend into any kitchen, featuring differently sized oven compartments and matching turntables.

TopControl appliances exhibit a harmonious design, sharing the control field at the top with other Miele built-in appliances. The downward-opening appliance door, akin to ovens, maximizes interior cabinet space.

SideControl appliances, with controls at the classic side position, integrate seamlessly with other Miele built-in appliances. These appliances can be combined vertically or stand alone, featuring a side-opening door.

Miele microwave ovens extend beyond warming and defrosting. Solo microwave ovens offer diverse cooking options, including warming milk, preserving jam, melting chocolate, and more. Models with integrated Quartz grill provide a crispy finish, browning and grilling dishes to perfection.

Featuring an XL oven compartment with a volume of 46 litres, TopControl appliances offer ample space for creative cooking. Automatic programs simplify cooking, and the Quick microwave option saves time by selecting maximum power instantly.

The stainless steel oven compartment ensures efficient microwave distribution and easy cleaning. Combination mode allows simultaneous cooking and browning for optimal results. EasySensor touch controls enhance user convenience in Miele SideControl appliances.

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Miele Warming Drawers

Miele‘s warming drawer series offers three models, each designed to integrate smoothly with different kitchen styles and complement Miele appliances. The first, a 14 cm high and 60 cm wide drawer, is compatible with Miele‘s 45 cm high compact appliances like coffee machines and steam ovens, fitting neatly into a 60 cm niche and adding both function and style.

The second model, larger at 29 cm in height and 60 cm in width, provides generous storage and pairs well with Miele‘s 60 cm high ovens or combination steam oven XXL, ideal for an 88 cm niche.

The third option, the ESW 7030 model, is tailored for 90 cm niches, measuring around 32 cm high and 60 cm wide. It‘s designed to fill the gap beneath two 45 cm high appliances placed next to a 60 cm appliance, ensuring a cohesive look with its elevated front.

These warming drawers are more than mere storage; they offer innovative cooking features. The low-temperature mode excels in meat preparation, retaining flavours and nutrients. User-friendly features include sensor touch controls and Push2open technology, with a timer function for added convenience.

Beyond aesthetics and functionality, these drawers are versatile in food preparation. They are ideal for drying herbs, proving dough, melting chocolate, and more. The vacuum sealing drawer, perfect for sous-vide cooking, surpasses traditional freezing in preserving food quality. This drawer is essential for meal prep and for keeping food fresh and flavorful. Its vacuum sealing function is excellent for portioning, storing, marinating, and resealing various foods, preventing freezer burn and saving space.

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miele warming drawers

Miele Hobs

Miele Kitchen Appliances offers a variety of hobs to suit every cooking style: induction hobs are the trendsetters, electric hobs represent the traditional choice, and gas hobs are the classic option.

Miele‘s induction hobs are known for their intuitive controls and full-surface induction, providing unparalleled cooking flexibility. These hobs, available in various widths, allow for the use of the entire surface without predefined zones, accommodating up to six induction-compatible cookwares. Miele‘s innovative sensor-supported functions like TempControl* ensure perfect cooking results, maintaining consistent temperatures for frying and stir-frying. This technology, found in many SmartSelect operated hobs and in the KM 7999 with touch display, also enhances safety by preventing overheating of oil and butter.

Miele‘s induction hobs come with convenience features like Con@ctivity, which integrates the cooker hood and hob to adjust extraction power automatically. The appliances communicate via WiFi, allowing integration into the Miele@home system. Other features include PowerFlex for rapid heating, DiamondFinish coating for durability, and various intuitive control options like SmartSelect White and ComfortSelect Plus.

The Miele Venting hobs combine cooking and extraction in one appliance. Equipped with Con@ctivity, they offer seamless communication between the hob and cooker hood for automatic extraction level adjustment. These hobs also feature a Silence motor, PowerFlex XL for large cookware, TwinBooster for flexible induction output, and easy-to-clean stainless steel grease filters.

Miele‘s gas hobs, installable independently from an oven, allow for flexible kitchen planning. Models with electronic modules offer added safety and convenience with features like QuickStart for fast ignition, GasStop & ReStart for automatic re-ignition, ComfortClean pot rests, and versatile burner configurations, including wok burners. These hobs cater to various cooking needs, from economical to powerful settings.

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miele hobs
miele cooker hoods

Miele Cooker Hoods

Miele Appliances offers a comprehensive range of cooker hoods, including wall-mounted, island, ceiling extractors, and downdraft extractors, each designed for intuitive operation. Miele‘s SmartControl White offers intuitive, stylish controls, while SmartControl features elegant touch controls. ComfortControl ensures effortless control, and EasySwitch allows selection with just a fingertip.

During cooking, especially when frying, a mixture of steam, fat particles, and odours is released into the air. Without proper extraction or filtration, these vapours can settle on kitchen furniture and affect the environment. Miele provides three effective air cleaning options: extraction mode, extraction with an external fan, and recirculation mode. The extraction mode is highly efficient, while the external fan option offers quiet, effective vapour removal. Recirculation mode is a simple, energy-efficient alternative.

Key features of Miele cooker hoods include Con@ctivity – an automatic function that ensures the hood responds to hob activity. When the hob is turned on or off, the cooker hood automatically adjusts extraction power to maintain a pleasant room climate. This feature facilitates the integration of the cooker hood and hob into the Miele@home system via WiFi.

SmartControl offers high-quality, functional touch controls with a yellow display for easy use. The ECO motor is powerful and energy-efficient, saving up to 50% electricity compared to traditional fan motors, and effectively insulated for quiet operation. Miele‘s CleanCover provides a smooth, enclosed surface for safety and easy cleaning. The 10-ply stainless steel grease filter is aesthetically pleasing, highly effective in filtering grease, and easy to clean in a dishwasher.

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Miele Coffee Machines

Experience the ultimate coffee indulgence with Miele‘s top-class coffee machines. The AromaticSystemFresh feature ensures that beans are freshly ground and brewed for each cup, offering an intensely flavorful experience. The CoffeeSelect option enhances this with three separate bean containers, making each coffee speciality with the ideal bean type. Miele‘s intelligent brewing technology ensures full aroma release from the beans. Miele has even developed its own coffee tailored to complement these machines for an unmatched flavour experience.

Miele provides a range of coffee machines to suit various kitchen styles and preferences, including both built-in and countertop models. The built-in Miele coffee machine integrates seamlessly into a 45 cm high niche, aligning perfectly with other vertical or horizontal appliances for a cohesive kitchen design. Some built-in models offer a mains water connection for added convenience, eliminating the need to manually fill the water container.

Miele‘s countertop coffee machines are versatile and can be placed anywhere in your kitchen, living room, or conservatory, offering flexibility and convenience. The range includes the minimalist CM7 series with CM Touch controls, and the compact CM6 and CM5 models with DirectSensor controls. M Touch controls allow for smartphone-like operation with swipe or scroll gestures, while DirectSensor lets you select your desired coffee specialty with just a touch on the high-resolution TFT display.

Miele coffee machines are not only about exceptional coffee but also convenient maintenance. Removable components and automatic cleaning programs ensure effortless appliance hygiene. Critical features like CoffeeSelect, with its three bean containers, and the CupSensor, which adjusts the spout to the cup‘s rim, further elevate the coffee.

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miele coffee machines
miele refrigeration

Miele Refrigeration

Miele‘s refrigeration range excels in size, quality, premium design, and versatility. You can opt for a side-by-side combination of a Miele refrigerator and freezer or place two refrigerators adjacent. The MasterCool series of built-in appliances from Miele offers flexible installation options, allowing any configuration to suit your needs, with a KSK 200x conversion kit available for seamless integration.

User interfaces in Miele‘s built-in refrigeration appliances include FreshTouch controls, Sensor touch controls, TouchControl panels, EasyControl, and the MasterSensor interface exclusive to MasterCool appliances.

Miele‘s PerfectFresh Active system ensures unmatched freshness, with active humidification in the drawer and an automatically controlled temperature zone between 0 and +3 °C, extending the freshness of meat, fish, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. PerfectFresh Pro further enhances this by maintaining optimal temperatures and humidity levels.

The DailyFresh feature in selected Miele models includes an ExtraCool drawer, ideal for storing meat, fish, and dairy products at lower temperatures. Miele‘s freezing systems offer convenience with NoFrost, preventing ice formation inside the appliance, and ComfortFrost, reducing the need for frequent defrosting. DuplexCool ensures separate air circuits for the fridge and freezer, preventing odour transfer and maintaining optimal conditions.

Miele‘s MasterCool appliances combine high-end design and technology, featuring high-quality materials, impressive looks, and a puristic interior design with BrilliantLight illumination for maximum convenience. MasterFresh ensures the gentle storage of food with optimal temperature and humidity.

Miele offers various convenience features like Push2open for easy door opening, BrilliantLight for attractive illumination, and specialized functions like IceMaker and Ice/Water dispenser for added luxury. Miele‘s refrigeration appliances offer unparalleled quality, design, and functionality, making them a perfect addition to any kitchen.

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Miele Winecellars

Miele wine units stand out with their SommelierSet, an exclusive feature perfect for wine enthusiasts. This unique set allows you to professionally prepare fine wines for decanting, enjoy chilled glasses for champagne and white wine, and keep opened bottles perfectly conditioned. It also includes all necessary equipment for these tasks, conveniently ready at hand.

These Miele units offer temperature zones with separate controls, allowing you to store up to three different types of wine simultaneously at their ideal temperatures. The FlexiFrame Plus system in Miele wine units is highly adaptable, accommodating even magnum bottles through repositionable slats in two directions. The standard FlexiFrame feature lets you quickly move individual slats to make space for larger wine bottles.

For an elegant display, the Selector bottle presenter in Miele‘s wine units subtly elevates the bottles, showcasing them in the dimmed light and adding a touch of sophistication to your collection. The NoteBoard is another thoughtful detail; each bottle rack in the Miele unit comes with a removable magnetic strip for convenient individual labelling of your bottles. This combination of functionality and aesthetic appeal makes Miele wine units an ideal choice for both preserving and showcasing your wine collection.

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miele winecellars
miele dishwashers

Miele Dishwashers

Miele Appliances offers diverse dishwasher construction types to seamlessly fit into any kitchen setting. Fully integrated dishwashers are completely concealed behind a kitchen furniture front panel or a Miele CleanSteel front panel, ensuring perfect integration with your kitchen design. Semi-integrated dishwashers allow for a unified look with the cabinetry of your built-in kitchen, with an option for stainless steel CleanSteel front panels.

Freestanding Miele dishwashers come with a durable lid that doubles as a worktop. They are ideal for those who move homes, as the appliance can be easily relocated and installed in a new kitchen. Built-under dishwashers are suitable for replacing existing kitchen appliances. They are available in brilliant white and stainless steel/CleanSteel finishes.

Miele dishwashers offer a range of installation options, including Miele FrontFit for ergonomic height installation. This innovative technique minimizes gaps between kitchen fronts, ensuring a flawless appearance. Miele offers dishwashers with the Knock2open feature for handleless kitchens, where a simple double tap opens the appliance door automatically.

Miele dishwashers stand out with their FlexLine basket design for flexible loading, Miele@home for intelligent networking, QuickPowerWash for fast cleaning, EcoPower technology for resource efficiency, and the innovative AutoDos system with integrated PowerDisk for precise detergent dispensing, ensuring optimal cleaning results every time.

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Miele Washing Machines

Miele washing machines combine sleek design and intelligent functionality, offering practical laundry solutions while maintaining aesthetic appeal. Designed in flawless white and rigorously tested for 20 years of average use, these machines exemplify durability and style.

Featuring Miele‘s innovative AutoDos technology, the washing machines automatically dispense the right amount of detergent, eliminating guesswork. They are equipped with specialized programs for various fabrics like wools, silks, down, and synthetics, ensuring each material receives the appropriate care. Additionally, Miele machines provide feedback on energy consumption, making you aware of their environmental and financial impact.

Valuing your time, Miele appliances incorporate time-saving features such as delayed-start functionality for scheduling washes as per convenience. The TwinDos system further streamlines the process by automating detergent dispensing. Miele‘s unique AddLoad function allows adding forgotten items mid-cycle, and the SingleWash option efficiently washes single items.

Miele washing machines stand out for their energy efficiency, with most models rated A under the revamped rating scheme. Intelligent load recognition in these machines adjusts water and electricity use. At the same time, EcoFeedback gives accurate consumption data for informed energy use decisions.

The longevity of Miele machines is backed by the durable ProfiEco motor, featuring a brushless design for reduced wear and tear. Cast iron counterweights in these machines also ensure sustained high performance.

Regarding cleaning efficacy, Miele washing machines are adept at removing over 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. With up to 23 different stain-specific programs, they tailor washing settings for the best results. Miele‘s honeycomb drum design gently cushions laundry, protecting even the most delicate fabrics. Miele washing machines, complemented by their specific laundry detergents and tumble dryers, provide a comprehensive laundry care system.

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miele washing machines
miele dryers

Miele Dryers

Miele tumble dryers, designed for the unpredictability of British weather, bring innovative technology to modern households. These appliances feature unique honeycomb drums that are gentle on fabrics and reduce creasing, automatic fragrance distillers for fresh-smelling laundry, and wireless remote access and control capability.

Recognizing the inconvenience of appliance breakdowns, Miele ensures reliability by testing all tumble dryers for 20 years of average use. This durability is achieved through engineering solutions like brushless motors and zero-maintenance filtration systems.

Miele‘s heat pump dryers are a game-changer, conserving and reusing air through an evaporator, making them highly energy- and cost-efficient. Suitable for delicate fabrics, these dryers adapt to various spaces and layouts. All Miele tumble dryers utilize heat pump technology, ensuring superior quality and performance.

Miele tumble dryers are exceptionally energy-efficient, with ratings of A++ or above, ensuring they‘re both cost-effective and eco-friendly. Combined with Miele‘s EcoDry technology, heat pump technology allows for faster drying times with minimal energy consumption. These features contribute to Miele‘s recognition as a Best Buy and Eco Buy brand.

Time-saving is a crucial aspect of Miele tumble dryers. Connected to the Miele@home system, they offer efficient drying with EcoSpeed technology. The FragranceDos system lets you choose between two fragrances for up to 50 cycles. Maintenance is minimal, with self-cleaning heat exchanger filters and intelligent fluff filters.

Miele dryers are designed to protect your clothing, offering lower temperatures and PerfectDry for optimal drying results. The honeycomb drum design gently lifts and cushions laundry, minimizing creasing.

Miele‘s compact and stackable design makes the most of your space, ideal for homes with limited space. With Miele, you can have two premium-grade appliances in a compact area, ensuring that your tumble dryer adapts seamlessly to your home, offering real-life technology to simplify your life and reduce energy bills.

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Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Miele provides a versatile range of vacuum cleaners to suit every household requirement, accommodating different floor types and specific needs like pet hair removal, automatic cleaning, and allergy prevention through advanced air filtration.

The cordless vacuums from Miele feature a unique 3-in-1 design and a powerful battery, offering the flexibility to clean various flooring types without restriction. These models allow for an easy transition between ergonomic configurations, enabling efficient cleaning of every corner of your home.

For those who prefer bagless options, Miele‘s bagless vacuum cleaners are designed for convenience and hygiene, allowing for easy emptying at the push of a button. They come equipped with features like anti-allergy filters, self-cleaning technology, and strong suction capabilities, adept at picking up everything from larger debris to fine dust particles.

Miele also offers traditional bagged vacuum cleaners, known for their efficiency and less frequent need for emptying. These cleaners effectively capture dust and offer powerful suction while also being height-adjustable and quiet for a more comfortable cleaning experience.

The robot vacuum cleaners from Miele stand out for their advanced technology and autonomy. Features such as self-charging and flooring-adaptive suction systems enable these cleaners to operate independently, freeing up more of your time.

Miele‘s Cat & Dog vacuum cleaners are explicitly engineered for households with pets and have features and tools for handling pet hair. These vacuums come with unique lights for spotting hair and brushes designed for extracting hair from tight spaces and upholstery, making pet hair cleanup more manageable.

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